Pune's 1st Bellydance Convention Ever...!!

Bellydance Mahrajan Initiative & Events - Edition 1
Feb. 9th-10th, 2019
Pune - India Menus

Waslet Raqs Show

A True Arabian Night Filled with Bellydance Performances | Arabian Food | Live Musician | And Much More...!!
Feb. 10th, 2019 - 8pm
At Ales, Brews & Ciders - Kalyani Nagar
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Hadia - Canada

For The 1st Time in India in History

A World Legend of The Oriental Art

Her 50+  years Teaching & Perfecting The Oriental Art, Combined with her 25+ years as a Kinesiologist & Massotherapist has lead her to Become The Master of Effortless Exquisite Dancing and Design This Incredible Manual of Anatomy, Perfection of Muscle Control Techniques & Unique Breakdowns Transforming Dancers's Understanding & Movement Execution forever.

She is A True Master of The Oriental Art with Eminent Skills in Folkloric Styles, A Living Encyclopedia of Oriental Music Textures & Nuances and A Real Gem Dancer Awarded and Famous For Her Ever Effortless Luscious Elegant Style. Multi Award Winner as Best Choreographer & Best Egyptian Dancer by The International Association of Middle Eastern Dance- IAMED, The Global Woman of Vision - Arts, Entertainment and Culture Lifetime Achievement Award by ADOS, Best Instructional DVDs by Giza Academy Award, and many more. 

Immersing Yourself in The World of Ghawazi Folklore - The Mother of Raqs Sharqi with Hadia | Music Interpretation - Learning Exquisite & Impeccable Techniques The Key to Effortless Fluidly Graceful Dancing by The Queen of it's Mastery itself | Embrace A Classical Oriental Dance Choreography - Going into the Roots of Oriental Dance Interpretation - Making Your Body Sing The Music with Hadia.

Catch The Unique Chance to Train with Such An Incredible Artist | Teacher | Choreographer - Hadia - For The 1st Time in India...!!

Sonia - USA

The Elegance of The Bellydance Superstars Era

Showcased in 35+ Countries World Wide

For The Very 1st Time in Pune The Ultimate Chance to Learn A Drum Solo Choreography from A Star to A Live Musician and The Incredible Chance to Perform Live with Them..!!

Sonia - A Core Dancer of The Bellydance Superstars for over 8 yrs. She has Worked closely with some of The Greatest Minds & Talents of the Industry, Issam Houshan - Today's Most Acclaimed Derbuka Drummer Worldwide, Rachel Brice - The World's Ambassador of Tribal Bellydance Fusion, Jilina - The Eminent Choreographer of The Bellydance Superstars & Bellydance Evolution. Studying The Mystic Art of Odissi in India since 2009 and Performing Teaching Bellydancing for 15+ years All Over The World, Sonia Travels The World to Immerse Dancers into The Magical World & Cultures through Dance. 

Join Sonia For An Immersion into The Muwashahat Style Innovated by The Great Mahmoud Reda | Master A Drum Solo Choreography taught with A Live Drummer and Learn about Key Arabian Rhythms - Their Origins, Roots, Purposes, and Varied Key Dance Combinations for each of them | Discover The Beauty & The Mystical Powers of Odissi Bellydance Fusion while Celebrating Vasant Panchami.

Catch The Once in A Lifetime Chance to Train & Perform Live with Sonia in India A Her Drum Solo Choreography with A Live Drummer at Waslet Raqs Show - The Entertainment Night of BDM-1..!!

Jayesh Joshi - India

Derbuka Drummer

Coming Soon - Stay Tuned